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Japan Infra Waymark (JIW) is a drone-based infrastructure inspection company, established by NTT West Corporation in 2019. Leveraging NTT’s automation and AI image analysis technology, JIW partners with drone and autonomous vehicle companies to provide inspection services for infrastructure projects: slopes, bridges, transmission towers, solar panels, wind power facilities, and more.

As a strategic partner and distributor of Sunflower Labs in Japan, JIW has successfully installed the Beehive System across various locations, each with unique infrastructure, inspection needs, and terrain. Key installations include ports, radio transmission towers, bridge construction projects, and natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas storage facilities.




Multiple Sites



Installation at a bridge construction site
3D map of the port
Photos from the Bee of the port operations

Day or night, the Beehive System covers a versatile range of security and inspection needs for these sites. The Bee uses real-time obstacle avoidance, 3D property mapping, and geofencing to safely navigate around large equipment and sensitive structures like tower cranes and gas storage tanks. Drone footage and images allow teams to monitor project progress, inspect for structural issues, and meet safety requirements. Person and vehicle detection ensure site security.

Due to ongoing structural deterioration, an aging workforce, and labor shortages, the need for more efficient infrastructure inspections has become a national priority for Japan. With six successful installations across western Japan and more on the way, this partnership between JIW and Sunflower Labs opens the door to addressing these challenges in a scalable and effective way.

Learn more about our partnership with JIW:

米国 Sunflower Labs Inc.と代理店契約を提携し、完全自動飛行/防水対応の巡視向けドローンシステム「Sunflower Labs Beehive System」の取り扱いを開始

愛媛県今治市にて全天候型自動航行ドローン「Sunflower Labs Beehive System」を活用した港湾巡視の実証実験を実施

通信ビルの外壁及び鉄塔維持管理効率化に向け全天候型自動航行ドローン「Sunflower Labs Beehive System」の実証実験を実施

完全自動飛行に対応するドローンシステム「Sunflower Labs Beehive System」

Sunflower Labs UI to configure drone inspections
Geo-fence to limit where the drone can safely fly
Inspection of a section of a communication tower
Tower inspection early in the morning
UI for viewing all the inspection flights conducted at a site